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The release of Vallikettu, a new Malayalam movie directed by Jibin, who had learned from renowned film director Bharathan, would introduce a promising actress to the quality-sensitive Mollywood and speaks about the unique dossier of a young talent. Sandra’s story would unequivocally encourage many young talents who are waiting for a debut on big screen. Where there is a will there is a way without any godfather; Sandra is set to prove this.

 Hard work never goes waste. That is the chemistry of nature. Sandra works hard since her early age to be a reckoning talent in the profession she has been passionate about. That is obviously to be a top grade actress who spectators praise, respect and love. She started chasing her goal with a debut in Vallikettu as a heroine.

Sandra's maiden entry into the large screen would send a message to many young film-field aspirants, who belong to the middle class with no relationship with the world of film. It is not easy for a middle class talent to find a deserving place either in Mollywood or Bollywood without having any relationship. But Sandra’s entry would rewrite this conviction.

Where there is a will there is a way, Sandra is proving it with lots of efforts, careful planning, preparation and dedication even at as early as the age of 17. She thoroughly screens through every facet of how top class actresses present complicated characters. She is ahead of her age in her skills in analyzing a character’s role and in replicating the character faultlessly. That makes her learn practically how to plant in herself better qualities of acting and to closely look at every scope of improvement within her, for which she spends considerable time. She watches as many movies as possible within her available time, most often with parents to share their views as general spectators for opinion making and deeper understanding of what goes well with the public. These days it is easy, since in Mumbai we get to see every new release. Sandra finds time for it. She is deeply enthusiastic about repeatedly watching some of the movies and actresses’ screen performance, so natural that as if they live so, tells her mother, Rajashree. “As her parents, we also encourage her to succeed in her aspiration. We must be her first guide as I believe her guidance must begin at home,” she adds. 

It is natural that she draws immense inspiration from Manju Varrier, one of the most graceful Malayalam actresses. “Manju is her role-model and is a great fan of the unusual talent,” Rajashree tells. Sandra and her parents know it is ultimately the performance that measures the acceptance level. Sandra strives for it and she knows the fact that it is only through sheer hard work for putting up great performance one can touch the heart of the viewers, her mother adds. Indeed, talents have their deserving place wherever they go. Sandra’s parents used to teach her this philosophy. Sandra, hailing from a middle class family but with progressive urban background, is set to prove this. 

Often it is fact that one does not need any Godfather or inheritance of the profession to set their foothold in this intensely competitive profession, where only the fittest and hard working talent survives. Film personalities have already admired her talent and whoever has come to know her well appreciates her abilities and enthusiasm. That has given inspiration to her. That also comes as an assurance of a stable position for her in the film world. Adding to the enchantment of her performance are her graceful physical profile and well-tuned gesture. No doubt, that has made her fit for being a model. She participated in the India Fashion League 2018 Season-3.

Sandra is an excellent dancer and a sports-enthusiast. She is also involved in many extra-curricular activities. All these are helpful to her career development as an actress when newer opportunities assign her with diverse roles in modern films. “These factors are is very much there in her mind. These qualities can help her play various roles with enough natural touch and suffice the expectation of the viewers. She is keen to play a role with more character weight on dancing and sports rather than being a housewife with gossip nature, though here is nothing adventurous for her as an enthusiastic actress, Rajashree confirms. Everything depends on what she is assigned with, she avers. Her performance in the soon-to-be released Vallikettu produced by Santhosh Nair would be a fine testimony to her acting excellence,” Rajashree points out.

A twelfth standard commerce student from Ramsheth Thakur College of Commerce and Science, Kharghar Navi Mumbai, Sandra manages her academic pressures with enough attention on it. Parents have no qualms about her simultaneous focus on career development and academic progress since she shows satisfactory performance in her studies too. On both the sides, she has set an unequivocal target – a top class actress on one side and a Charted Accountant on the other side.

In a sophisticated social circle someone with understanding of necessity to encourage a talent always comes with a guidance and support. Sandra had many opportunities to perform on stages of Malayali Associations and other Social Groups. People know about her talents.

The release of Vallikettu, directed by Jibin Edavanakkad, who had learned from renowned former Malayalam film director Bharathan, would introduce a promising actress to the Mollywood and speak about the unique dossier of a young talent. A new floodgate is being opened to a promising actress Sandra who sees enough brightness in the Mollywood to showcase her acting talent. Her parents, hailing from Idukki district of Kerala, have a stake on her success for their encouragement and consistent nurturing in her what was born with. Sandra’s younger sister Safal aged eight years has also played on big screens.  


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