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Taste Guru’s village varsity

If the early life of super chef Das Sreedharan reads like a film script, the latest episode in his amazing career is nothing short of a gripping climax. It is well documented how a boy of 19 from Thrikkariyur near Kothamangalam who used to help his mom in the kitchen and his dad in his chaya kada (tea shop), went to Delhi in search of a job and later found himself in London doing odd jobs. While working as a waiter in an Indian restaurant, the idea of Rasa, an authentic restaurant for South Indian dishes, struck him. After opening the vegetarian eatery in 1994, he recreated the dishes his mom used to prepare and served them with the same side dish called love. In one year, the chef and the restaurant became famous. The self-taught chef went on to open branches, appear in cookery shows, author books and drive around in the latest Lexus.