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Impetusutra: A tech platform for investors

“Impetusutra” is a tech platform launched by Impetus Wealth Management for the benefit of investors. Impetus wealth management is a SEBI Registered Portfolio Management Company based in Mumbai.

Knowing what is good for you is the most important aspect when it comes to investing. “Impetusutra” enables investors to know what is good for them and how they should approach while deploying their hard earned savings in various asset classes.

Impetusutra is a comprehensive tech tool that can help you take your first step into holistic wealth management guided by experts at Impetus Wealth Management. The Insights section will help the investor focus on the important news by cutting the clutter. This application will also contain Impetus’s proprietary “Profiling System”. A potential investor can gauge his financial risk-taking ability through the profiling system. Once the investor completes the profiling, they can schedule an appointment with Impetus to have their financial roadmap assessed. The application also has an Investor awareness section with videos that will help investors make well-informed decisions for their financial well being. Impetus makes a distinction as we correctly understand the binding between the Financial and Emotional Well-being of every individual. We also recognize the fact that, as the financial goals of each individual are different from another, the financial planning for each individual also has to be different and personalize


The application offers exclusive insights into the financial markets by P.R Dilip, Founder & CEO of Impetus Wealth Management.

Financial Roadmap

Get access to Impetus’s proprietary profiling system and get it assessed by experts at Impetus.

Investor Awareness Investor awareness section with videos that will help investors make well-informed decisions for their financial well-being.

Client Management System The application has a gateway to Impetus’s client management system for existing clients to log on to check their portfolios.

Impetus Arthshastra

Aspiring wealth managers can learn holistic wealth management from the Founder and CEO of Impetus Wealth Management, Mr. P R Dilip who has 25 years of experience in wealth management.

Schedule an appointment with Impetus

Schedule an offline or online appointment with Impetus to address your financial aspirations and goals to get a tailored made experience for you!

What is unique about this tech platform is, it is not just smart technology, but a combination of smart technology and smart people working together to provide prudent investment road map for investors from all walks of life. You can download this app from google play and soon will be available on app store as well.