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1. PVC SHRINK FILM: We ensure the best quality PVC Shrink Film thickness starting from 23 mic to 100 mic width of film from 50 mm in tube form in crystal clear transparent or custom made. PVC Shrink film ensures the product features: Excellent Dimensional stability, Transparency, Printability, Resistance to moisture, oil and dust, Strong and flexible filmy with excellent mechanical proportion. High shrinking capability at low temperature. 2. PP BOX STRAPPING Pp Box Strapping available in different variant like Fully Automatic, Semi automatic and manual, it generally used depend as per customer requirement and products. PP strapping are available in different sizes from width9 mm and thickness from 0.4 mm to 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm with different customized colour options and printed / plain form. 3. ANTI STATIC LDPE / HM BAG: Anti static Bags that are electricity non conductive, which have strong tendency to accumulate Surface electrostatic charges. Antistatic agents act to reduce surface resistive and therefore, dissipate high electric charge densities on the surface of plastics. Antistatic bags decreases the surface resistance of the end product and avoids the accumulation of static charges. An antistatic bag is a bag that has been specially designed to help prevent static electricity generated inside the bag. These bags are often used to store and transfer explosive chemicals. 4. LDPE BAGS / ROLLS: A wide variety of LDPE bags that are available for our clients in printed / plain / rolls / lay flat and gusseted types. LDPE bags are available in varied size 6 inch to 60 inches and thickness 40 microns to 250 microns to suit the application requirements of our clients. 5. LDPE SHRINK BAG / ROLLS: We are offering our clients LDPE shrink bags / rolls that are designed using virgin polyethylene granules. These shrink bags / rolls are known for their high tensile stretch, high tear resistance and crack resistance. These bags / rolls are used in the packing ofitems in the areas like food industries, stationery industries, pharmaceutical & bewerages industries. 6. STRETCH FILM: We offer different variety of stretch films like hand grade stretch film, machine grade stretch film, pre stretched film VCI stretch film, anti static stretch film, UV stretch film, coloured stretch film etc. as per customer requirement and depends products. Hand grade stretch film that fulfills all kind of requirements of packages finely. Machine grade stretch film is offered with range of 12 to 50 mic. It is available for medium duty. Application and heavy duty application. Food grade stretch / cling film of high grade, and it is made to suit wide range of food items. It is used to keep food items / article from in refrigerator. Pre stretched film is an ideal example of stretched film with great physical energy. It means need less energy to apply. It is easier to apply and manage. It offers better thickness for the packing. VCI stretch film it is vapor corrosion inhibitor film. It is made with automated machines. It is specifically used to hold various ferrous and non metal parts and steel coils at its place and safety and it provides ideal support for corrosion resistant. Anti static stretch film: is specially made to protect electronic and flammable products from static discharge. UV stretch film: is exclusives used to prevent product from environmental factors. It offers even thickness and 3 layers extrusion technology. We offer excellent quality stretch film in variant sizes from 50mm to 600 mm with clear and printed form that mainly protects the gods and makes the box / pallets differentiate as per their quality and other parameters. 7. BOPP ADHESIVE TAPE: BOPP packing tapes are available in various thickness, colours and assizes as per custom requirement. BOPP packing tapes is BOPP film coated with acrylic adhesive and printable and excellent weather resistant. These are ideal for standard carton packing in clear and brown shade. BOPP printed tape is used for information, security, protection, steadying & bundling for packing and carton sealing available in various base colours. 8. PVC CLING FILM: Food Grade film used for wrapping foods like vegetables, fruits meat etc. It is available in 10 mic to 60 mic thickness and 50 mm to 900 mm width. It offers promise of freshness and keeps moisture free, aroma, glossy, clear and cost resistant & remain soft even under refrigeration. 9. AIR BUBBLE ROLL / POUCH: Air Bubble rolls are made of 2/3layer LOPE material. The air is entrapped between the layers to give excellent causioning. The quality products gives protection against dents and scratching and easily fabricated in pouch and cover form. Air bubble is non ferrous metal protection from corrosion. 10. PET STRAP: At present pet strap is replacing steel strap and widely used by most steel, aluminium, chemical, fibre, cotton, bricks, paper, timber, construction, metal industries for medium & heavy load strapping. PET Strap is specially made to ensure the safety in transportation due to high tensile strength, elongation, withstand high temperature, good flexibility, nice appearance and rust proof and economic benefit. It is available in various sizes and thickness as per requirements.

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