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Welcome To is a dedicated community service portal built for bringing all Malayalee entrepreneurs and professionals settled in Maharasthra together. Many of the migrants, of course have inspiring and resourceful stories to share with their natives. Many of them have toiled in their life to build their enterprises and contributed to the welfare of not only their fellow being in the State but also of others around them. They leave behind inspiring lessons that our next generation can learn and be proud of. 

There are successful entrepreneurs, well-known social workers, top management professionals, intellectuals, educationists, artists and even politicians with Malayalee ethnicity living in large cities of the State. Knowing each other would help achieve synergy in several entrepreneurial initiatives, community services, above all for an intimacy. It is with this intention we have designed with many unique features and characters.

This online business directory gives the Malayalee business community an opportunity to introduce themselves to the bigger world that instills a sense of togetherness and promises brighter future. In fact, this is a virtual business opportunity portal.  

Unique in many ways, has proven itself to be the mother of Maharashtra Malayalee information portal. Once you are listed in, you will be known to everyone around the world. You can build lasting business relationship with whom you find the most suitable for your business growth. The portal offers you a gold mine of opportunities.


All Malayalee entrepreneurs including self-employed, interior designers and civil contractors business executives; educationists and coaching class service providers; career professionals like doctors, lawyers, Chartered Accounts, business consultants, architects, financial advisors; artists, social workers and any one with something special to speak about can get their profile listed on the portal. We streamline your information through an attractive profile summary and portray you in a way you really deserve, based on the category you may choose from our range of offers.


We have a wide range of offers and services for you, which include premium featuring and free offer. The premium featuring comes with special privilege of introduction of your business and your achievements as an individual. This comes as a business-support-feature speaking what you are all about and also about your business - for others to look at and read.

The portal will also carry promotional information about popular products and services which currently rule the Malayalee market. Besides these, a visitor can also read interesting features like Entrepreneur of the MonthTalent of the Month and other interesting stories that we profile each time, based on notable achievements of Malayaleeentrepreneurs and successful individuals.


The Team is a brainchild of three young Malayalees settled in Mumbai, who are passionate about harnessing technology and human skills for building innovative business model. The team is capable of providing a host of other services like web designing, development and hosting, mobile application development, custom software development, E-commerce, CMS, etc.


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